It would cost an estimated $700 million to implement the new controls, and that won’t improve regional haze, company spokesman Paul Murphy said

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Faraday's lead designer is Richard Kim, a veteran of BMW.

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Or when the top prizes run into the millions of dollars

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Diplomats say that Russia has moved further than Iran on the question of abandoning the Syrian president if a transition plan can be agreed

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This will be interesting to see how this plays out.…

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Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan was bankrupted in 2006 after failing to pay in full S$500,000 in damages for defaming former prime ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong

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These types of accounts - for short-term savings goals such as vacations, holiday shopping or rainy-day funds - are often highlighted as the beneficiaries of interest rate hikes.

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On Tuesday, lawyers for Couch confirmed that authorities had issued the juvenile equivalent of an arrest warrant.

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He said there was no specific threat to students but didn’t elaborate on the safety concerns.

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“This has proven to be a real challenge for members that have built their business model around getting these cans.”

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Shkreli is also an avid video game player who uses the handle “Imagine Cerebral,” according to one of his Twitter posts

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The data is the same as that published by Reuters from a different part of the U.S

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She’s become a great friend, and I have been in awe of her performances

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The shared career path is continuing now after Cook tapped Williams to be Apple’s first chief operations officer since 2011, when Cook relinquished the title to succeed Jobs as CEO

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At first, investors reacted positively to the news the bank would expand the maturity of its JGB purchases

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Trump's response was a far cry from the stance of another Republican candidate, former business executive Carly Fiorina

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Before its recent decline, gold continued rising to nearly $2,000 an ounce in 2011 as the Fed pumped money into the economy at an unprecedented pace, setting off concerns of inflation.

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The US researchers found that over the last 23 years, the leading causes of health problems have not changed significantly

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It was not clear if the ceremony would take place in Rome or if the pope would travel to India to preside over it.

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He makes $13 million next season and $14 million in 2017

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Marques' restaurant chain, Ruggles Green, bills itself as "the greenest restaurants in Texas"

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With just 39 rooms, this hip haven also plays host to a very British brasserie, peppered with art works by Hirst, Emin and co..

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He said earlier on Friday that he may wait until next February's primaries to decide who to back in the 2016 presidential election, describing the field of candidates as "all very good".

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The specific chemical isn’t the important part of this discovery

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He has also handled the General Motors Co

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