Already 51 people have been incarcerated, primarily related to illegal weapons or drugs.

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Regardless, the Dodgers in recent days hesitated because of medical concerns, and in that time the Mariners renewed their chase

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Iwnicki thinks the biggest problem with the APT, devised in an atmosphere of "blue-skies thinking", was that it included too many innovations at one time

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However, only P4.1 billion in three-month government securities maturing on June 8 next year were awarded, as the yield increased by 3.7 basis points to 1.843 percent from 1.806 percent a month ago.

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However for complete site access, sign up for JS Everywhere now

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“Children often hide fear or pain

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goods from Mexico and Canada, two of the nation's top trading partners, if Congress can send the massive omnibus spending measure to President Obama.

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The petition says comments Horn made about Trump to the Boston Globe in late November violate party bylaws requiring her to remain neutral in primaries

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A cultural dance group waits to perform at Gambela stadium during Ethiopia's Nations and Nationalities Festival in Gambela town, in Ethiopia December 8, 2015

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You are very low to the ground looking through your helmet visor and a plastic windshield

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Congress provided $530 million — a $389 million increase — and told the Bureau of Prisons that "not less than $444,000,000 is for costs related to the construction of new facilities."

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When the leaves come down in droves from the lime trees at the top of our road, the council eventually sends round men with blowers who blow the leaves into nice tidy piles

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So we expect the best Dez Bryant.”

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Koen Geens told Belgian media Wednesday that police had tracked Salah Abdeslam to an apartment in Brussels just two days after the Nov

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Even so, this was to cut the London-to-Glasgow journey time to four hours and 15 minutes.

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The 37-year-old professor of political science and sociology in Madrid took his place in Brussels.

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“The first month or so I felt really good,” Lundqvist said

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The new album comes two years after Grande dropped her first holiday EP, "Christmas Kisses," which featured the singer covering Christmas hits such as "Santa Baby" and "Last Christmas."

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People even make a living doing just that