"We have got to link this issue to the SDGs

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The country had been ripped apart by violence between Christians and Muslims, and thousands of frightened people had sought shelter in squalid camps at the airport

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The digital rights battle comes as profit margins are thinning for many cable and satellite companies, which are trying to keep subscribers as programming costs rise

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Miyoshia Bailey of Chicago struggles to speak while holding a photo of her slain son Cortez, during a press conference on gun violence in the U.S

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All over the world fans toted lightsabers and wore character costumes to packed showings of the seventh installment of the space epic

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Eleven of Thompson's rebounds were offensive

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SMU also played its final game under the direction of associate head coach Tim Jankovich

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Instead, he can consistently make difficult plays when forced to.

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We make an effort to protect discussions from repeated comments either by the same reader or different readers.

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However, Ms Huddleston is sceptical that the small increase will change Americans' minds about saving

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Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said in a statement

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The story is centred around a plain looking bird, the Ugly Duckling, who is teased for the way she looks

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“They work like this, day in, day out

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SecureWorks, an Atlanta-based managed security service, providesearly warning signals for evolving cyber threats allowingorganizations to respond rapidly to cyber attacks

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He ran in a six-member team to contest in Lee’s district during the Sept

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It found that on average, it took researchers 38 minutes to speak to someone – which is more than double the time it waited last year, when similar research was carried out

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Frequent and unexpected changes may occur

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"Silent and invisible, high blood pressure can seriously damage blood vessels and the heart if left unchecked

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A government procurement center recently banned agencies from purchasing PCs loaded with Windows 8.

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He said the key differences are that his office's findings are recommendations, while pattern and practice discoveries could be enforceable by court order

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A key architectural feature on Calton Hill in the New Town, the high school was built in 1825 by architect Thomas Hamilton

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StemExpress became embroiled in the U.S

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Nicole Vaisey, 26, and her boyfriend, 40-year-old Stephen Howells, admitted in state and federal courts that they kidnapped the two girls and sexually exploited six children altogether