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The revised Senate version offers 1 percent of casino tax revenues to each town or county that is a casino site.

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NYCO Renaissance, whose general director is former Dicapo Opera Theater head Michael Capasso, said Thursday the run is set for Jan

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The faster pace Aul promised in March did materialize: The average interval between builds was cut in half compared to the lethargic rate prior

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18 SMU and Hampton was the ninth contest of the season for the Mustangs, meaning that it was their final game without head coach Larry Brown

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Two men were charged Thursday in the United States over their alleged support for terrorist groups, according to reports

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Many fear that foreign fighters who carry western passports will be able to exploit that system to travel freely to the United States.

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Meanwhile, Russia's bombs and missiles have targeted these CIA-backed groups.

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The Foreign Secretary, indeed, told this paper that this is "discriminatory" and therefore would need treaty change.

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“Working here at Christmas makes me re-evaluate my life and I know this sounds corny but for me it’s quite healing working here,” said Melissa.

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NASA released the Hubble picture today

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But this season the most improved defender in the league has been Chris Smalling

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For home care, the figure is just under €2,500.

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Branislav Ivanovic won’t last forever as a full back and he could slide across to centre back

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I could just make out a steel propeller spinning in the distance on the end of long shaft, but it was impossible to tell exactly how the destruction was being carried out.

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Two-thirds of the house must back the process before it can move on to the Senate, which can decide whether to open hearings against the president.

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Gerdes said as she overturned Moses-EL's conviction Monday that he would likely be acquitted at a new trial

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Sirius has also signed a 12-year deal with Stern's production company to enter video programming

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According to the proposed regulations, a driver must have a standard license in addition to an "autonomous vehicle operator certificate" issued by the California DMV.

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According to Allan Meltzer, author of The History of the Federal Reserve, Mr Greenspan's tenure was "the best period in Federal Reserve history".

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amid concerns of growing Chinese militarization in the South China Sea.

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Today, inflation readings are not elevated

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They won't even shy away from him if the Panthers force their coverage toward the receiver

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