A Trump spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment

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The Gandhis deny wrongdoing and haven’t been charged with any crime

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In the end, it gets back to the importance of police having dash cams and body cameras that record the audio and video of everything that happens before, during and after an encounter

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As for cars capable of operating without the presence of a driver, the DMV says the cars should stay off the roads until more is known about the technology

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Nurofen Migraine Pain and Nurofen Tension headache caplets have identical active ingredients

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which of the following is a predictable adverse effect of clonidine (catapres) an alpha-2 agonist

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We dropped an egg, like I said, so what can we do about it We can't do anything

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They aren’t pushing much past $60 million, and don’t believe anyone else is, either

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JC Penney will be providing the gift of a need—they’ll be shopping for things that they really need in their life,” said Dr

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Goode says he does conventions to "have a good laugh and meet all my old chums"

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The telecoms argue that WhatsApp is skirting regulations by offering a voice service

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Paris lawyer Xavier Nogueras is representing 12 Muslims under house arrest

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European researchers looked at over 1,100 people taking part in a heart study

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Landscape simulation models can likely be built for new species for less than 10% of the total market value, and the cost will drop considerably after applying to each new market

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Then I have a break and practice until 2am

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A confidentiality agreement didn't allow them to disclose who it was doing business with.

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Cuban baseball defectors joined a Major League Baseball goodwill tour offering clinics for children in an unprecedented act of baseball diplomacy

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Inslee said a recent state survey shows that the state is facing a shortage of qualified teachers and substitutes and school districts are struggling with teacher retention

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But the tickets are often sold with a significant mark-up

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Scientists say climate change will have a big impact on Africa within the next 50 years

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The following year, Farook would marry his accomplice in the San Bernardino shootings, Malik.

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(Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Davide Scigliuzzoand Marc Carnegie)

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While Lonesome George was still alive at the time, they knew that the find could potentially have huge implications on the future of a near-extinct species.

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Shumpert, who is in his second season with Cleveland, did not play Thursday night against Oklahoma City because of a strained right groin

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