Nevertheless, Darwin observed how different Galapagos finch species evolved varying beak and body sizes.

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On Twitter, the top hashtag and keyword related to his arrest was #Karma

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"To try and appease the Chinese would just encourage the Chinese to be more provocative," said Maher, now a consultant at NMV Consulting in Washington.

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Vanessa Rodriguez, 28, admitted to cops that she left the marijuana-laced brownie on a counter in her Heberton Ave

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After analysis, scientists found its DNA was very close to Pinta’s DNA.

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The primary outcome was death due to ovarian cancer (malignant neoplasm of ovary, fallopian tube or undesignated ovary/tube/peritoneum)

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At that point, a new round of interviews found that "some children alleged further cases of sexual abuse by peacekeepers," the report says

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“We're nowhere near that place where we can somehow think because of somebody else's record that we shouldn't take it seriously.” Fisher said on Thursday

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That being said, I want to get there

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Distributors want more rights to air shows over a variety of services but there is also more pressure to monetize programming.

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Sky automatically enables the feature even if the original request is ignored, which likely explains why it has the highest take-up rate

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But, they caution against relying too heavily on rating websites.

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The wining and dining of journalists happens in many countries but it arguably has an extra dimension in Japan

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Since the birth of our first child 10 years ago, we’ve never not known the annual rush to wrap up, pack up and “GET IN THE CAR NOW”

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Users of electronic-payments services might be more likely to stick with their current smartphone if they could store their payment data and use the device to buy shampoo, beer, gum or whatever else.

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Levels of PM2.5, the smallest and deadliest airborne particles, are set to top 500, according to the official Beijing government website.

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Pastor Thomas Dixon speaks at a rally at the Richland County courthouse, Thursday, Dec

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Andy Hill, criticized the plan, writing that "the governor continues to offer plenty of ways to spend taxpayer dollars, but fails to provide a sustainable way to pay for it."

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Somewhere, the fine print in all this analysis recognizes he’s done it with different rosters (just a minor detail).

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“It’s going to be a different fight,” Holm said

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Children gathered around, eyes wide, as Howard recited “’Twas the Night before Christmas” before flocking to Target, JC Penney, and the Barbara Bush Foundation station.

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