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Russia says its campaign is meant to weaken Islamic State and other fighters it considers "terrorists"; Western officials say most of the strikes instead have targeted Syrian rebels fighting Assad

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One thing that could keep Sharp from pulling the trigger on trying to replace Sumlin is the $20 million buyout, the source said.

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"With irrigation, we are moving water from one place to another - and part of this water will simply evaporate from the ground surface

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Effective August 5, 2013, Rite Aid Corp acquired Kings Pharmacy East Inc, which owns and operates pharmacy

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It would cost an estimated $700 million to implement the new controls, and that won’t improve regional haze, company spokesman Paul Murphy said

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Faraday's lead designer is Richard Kim, a veteran of BMW.

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Or when the top prizes run into the millions of dollars

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Diplomats say that Russia has moved further than Iran on the question of abandoning the Syrian president if a transition plan can be agreed

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This will be interesting to see how this plays out.…

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Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan was bankrupted in 2006 after failing to pay in full S$500,000 in damages for defaming former prime ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong

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These types of accounts - for short-term savings goals such as vacations, holiday shopping or rainy-day funds - are often highlighted as the beneficiaries of interest rate hikes.

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On Tuesday, lawyers for Couch confirmed that authorities had issued the juvenile equivalent of an arrest warrant.

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He said there was no specific threat to students but didn’t elaborate on the safety concerns.

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“This has proven to be a real challenge for members that have built their business model around getting these cans.”

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Shkreli is also an avid video game player who uses the handle “Imagine Cerebral,” according to one of his Twitter posts

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The data is the same as that published by Reuters from a different part of the U.S

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She’s become a great friend, and I have been in awe of her performances

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The shared career path is continuing now after Cook tapped Williams to be Apple’s first chief operations officer since 2011, when Cook relinquished the title to succeed Jobs as CEO

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