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Peet van Zyl, Pistorius’s former agent, said he too was looking forward to visiting him to discuss his future plans and whether he might eventually return to the track. “Age is not a problem of he wants to compete, it all depends on him and where his mind is,” he told the Telegraph. “I’m keen to sit down with him and find out what’s going to happen or how.”

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But as the list below shows, while some of these “fake” dots on the map might appeal to only the most intrepid of globe-trotters, they tend to share one thing in common – a desperate desire for you to visit them.

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In time, the issue of losing pupils between schools can be hugely outweighed by the overall long-term benefits for the education sector as a whole, and the pupils we teach. But we need the Government’s help to get there.

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However, the new micro stores mean Sainsbury’s bosses can now look to open even more sites. Currently the company launches between one and two convenience stores every week, while it has drastically scaled back larger shop openings to just a handful each year.

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If even a smidgen of these allegations are true — and at least one ex-Louisville recruit, JaQuan Lyle, has reportedly confirmed the gist of them to the NCAA — then Pitino should take the fall. He either knew what former assistant Andre McGee was up to and decided to let it slide, or was so oblivious to the day-to-day workings of the program that he truly didn't know about the sexual shenanigans (which might be even worse).

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The next stage of the research will be to measure the fatigue strength of different types of chords to see which are more suitable for heart valve transplants in the future. Usually artificial valves or the valves of a pig are used in transplants.

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In the desert you can spend time in an authentic Bedouin camp, taking part in horse riding and traditional drumming before feasting under the stars. It is an adventure straight out of the 1,001 Nights – although the tented accommodation matches the lavish standards of a five-star hotel.

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He added: “Trying to simplify the state pension was a noble cause. But the changes have been rushed, instead of being undertaken carefully in a phased way over three, five or 10 years. This has thrown up lots of anomalies where different groups of people are being treated unfairly.”

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More, judges weighing whether to sentence defendants to drug treatment instead of prison — the favorable treatment inexplicably shown to Holder’s alleged killer, Tyrone Howard — have the latitude to send home anyone who has not been convicted of or charged with a violent felony, even career drug dealers.

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Clopton started in the sheriff’s office in 1991 and took on many high-profile cases during his tenure in the homicide division starting in 2006. His firing won’t affect the probe into Goforth’s death and other ones he was working on when his “consensual sexual contact” with the witness came to light, sheriff’s office spokesman Ralph Gonzales told the Chronicle.

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A former session singer for the likes of Grace Jones, Zero 7 and Bobby McFerrin, Zimbabwean-born Eska Mtungwazi has recorded an agile album that effortless blends soul, jazz and folk with the rhythms of West Africa. But the main attraction are her supple vocals, which achieve the rare feat of combining intricacy and precision.

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I’m all for demonstrating malfeasance. But the GOP House has given a five-year display of its inability to successfully demonstrate anything. From Benghazi all the way back to Operation Fast and Furious, its hearings’ impact on public perception has been either zero or negative.

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So why don’t girls opt out of this fickle contest? As 14-year-old ‘Annie’ explained to Dove, "If you don’t take selfies, you’re a social outcast… I take selfies about 10 times a day and post about two – any more and people get annoyed and won’t “like” your photo. And it’s all about getting likes."

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Boparan could have faced 14 years in prison had Cerys had died immediately following the crash, but instead he served just six months as a result of being found guilty of the lesser charge of dangerous driving.

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Offenders are usually encouraged to undertake community service linked to the crime they committed, he added, so Pistorius, having shot his girlfriend dead, may find himself working in a police station.

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Government regulations warn: "Failure to display the required poster, plaque or billboard, or to replace those which are lost or damaged, will be a breach of the agreement and subject to a penalty or recovery of payments."

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Oyelowo has a long list of theatre credits to his name, beginning his stage career in 1999 with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He was the first black actor to play an English king in a major Shakespeare production in the RSC's 2001 staging of Henry VI.