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After shooting Jose Martinez, 44, in Inwood in 1986, Santos fled to the Dominican Republic

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Reuters correspondents with local knowledge help visitors get the most out of a short stay in Rochester (pop

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Sixty percent would be required to pass a constitutional amendment.

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In another move, Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, will take on leadership of the App Store

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At its peak, the exchange was handling around 43 billion yuan ($6.6 billion) in assets for over 200,000 investors.

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“If the legislation is repealed, there will be no need to retaliate, but ..

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Japan's whaling fleet set out for the Antarctic this month to resume a hunt for the mammals, ending a year-long hiatus following an International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling that Japan should stop

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The Mustangs also are banned from postseason play this season, including the American Athletic Conference tournament.

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Flores is likely going to platoon at second with Walker, who is also a switch hitter, but one with significant struggles against lefties.

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That price has not changed since Shkreli left.

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After last year's coup the ultra-royalist military has demanded ever tougher enforcement of it

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A new Just Mayo label will include a definition of the word "just" on the front of the product ("Guided by reason, justice, and fairness.") and have more context on the edge of the label.

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One organization that facilitates veterans volunteering in disaster areas as a way of continuing the mission will only accept veterans with honorable discharges

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″I walked in to see the doctor thinking, she's going to say go home, there's nothing wrong with you

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Cofield, a solid run stopper with 19.5 career sacks, was cut by Washington for salary-cap purposes in February

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Tracking almost 1,300 men (mean age of 61) who did AS for 10 years, the survival rate was 99.9 percent; metastasis survival rate, 99.4 percent.

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NWF Group (NWF), down 4.96% to 182p, said its H1 trading was in line with the prior year, and directors have retained their FY views.

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Picard became interested in epilepsy when a student in her lab borrowed a pair of the devices for his autistic brother, who had a grand mal seizure while wearing them.

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"Sometimes [manufacturers] make things that are long acting so that the medicine works over a longer period of time," explains Neal Patel, a pharmacist from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

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Attendees spend Sunday through Thursday hustling from one end to another, following the ever-shifting buzz

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Ms le Pen said on Thursday: "I did not know it was a photograph of James Foley

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