And since 1985 it has given 1% of its revenues each year to environmental groups, amounting to around $70m so far.
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For this latest study, the authors wanted to see if allowing the parents to choose for themselves, after proper counseling on the risks of either option, would still reap benefits in the long run.
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The intimate 25-room Hotel DeBrett in Auckland , right in the CBD, is just a stroll from the best shopping, bar-cruising and island-hopping
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Many low-income Americans rely on credit cards to cover everyday expenses
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Cleveland scored 30 points in the fourth quarter
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The company said it didn't have the information that was being sought
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After all, this is exactly why you are planning now for what may come later
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Obviously those days are long gone, and the question is not when they will return, but if things ever will get back to those times
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Also coming soon, an iPad tablet app will be part of JS Everywhere.
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While ramping up combat readiness, Hanoi's once-reclusive generals are reaching out to a broad range of strategic partners
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Money can speak loudly, but when there's little to no interest in fighting climate change on its own, it's the only option.
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The most significant conclusion from this new wave of crime is that, whatever protections the world’s biggest companies think they have in place, it is not enough to keep intruders out
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1 goalie who was making his first appearance since Dec
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It also urges countries to stop paying ransom for kidnapped citizens.
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He threw for 4,052 yards with 47 touchdowns and nine interceptions in eight games for Blinn last season in his only season there.
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This effectively means that "planning permissions and permitting have to be sought again," says Cuadrilla's chief executive Francis Egan.
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Meanwhile efforts can be made to refine ovarian cancer screening, develop tests with greater sensitivity and more lead time and improve ways to risk stratify the population."*
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What's tragic is this very process was put into place so people could have an official outlet that would take their concerns seriously.
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Conversely, declines have been seen in Syria of late
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As of now, more than a year and a half after U.N
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The cheating software was installed in about 11 million vehicles worldwide, including 482,000 vehicles sold in the U.S.
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He always appears silky smooth and I’m sure he enjoys that.
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Don’t get frustrated, and keep with it
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"It would be tough to trade Joey (Votto) because he's our franchise player
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