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The order was made after the California-based company, despite a fine, failed to comply with two judicial rulings to share information in a criminal case.

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Professor Jacobs says: "These results from UKCTOCS provide estimates of the mortality reduction attributable to ovarian cancer screening which range from 15% to 28%

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"Counterfeiting is an issue all global e-commerce companies face, and we are doing all we can to address and fight it," it said.

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He's the can-do icon for young males who think 'Yeah, that's the sort of guy I want to be,'" says Jeff Kingston, professor of Asian studies at Temple University in Japan.

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The Russian leader has long been admired by conservatives who say his resolute demeanour and toughness are qualities lacking in the current White House occupant

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It would almost feel like a move straight out of Major League Baseball, where the disgruntled star gets dealt prior to his free agent turn.

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The findings suggest that MS can have a major negative impact on mental health

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Initial jobless claims reflect weekly firings, and a sustained low level of applications has typically coincided with faster job gains

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It found that when it comes to clinical incidents, the national rates in Irish maternity services are similar to international rates

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Butterfly Conservation vice-president Chris Packham said: "This report reveals that UK butterflies are in real trouble

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To the best of his memory, he claimed it read: "Attack on police officers - Milltown - urgent"

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