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Gray's photo was published in an advertisement for Gordon's Dry Gin in 1986

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At a club show it might be just me."

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I have never been summoned to a trial nor accused of mis-appropriating anything.”

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Schneider stopped Smith's initial shot, but the Florida winger's second jab at the puck led to his 10th goal of the season.

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“I haven't polished it up yet,” Manning deadpanned when asked if he has a touchdown celebration

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Representatives Nate gentry and Moe Maestas have pre-filed a house bill that would allow cities and counties in New Mexico to enact curfew ordinances at night and during the day on school days

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That 17-65 mark is on his coaching resume forever so if anyone can feel Brett Brown's pain it's Fisher.

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Castlebay Lane Charter school is about one mile from the site.

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The compilations this watch has—flight times, arrival times, block times—is something I just learned about today

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Weiland had long struggled with drug addiction.

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About giving new life to Pinta, Adalgisa Caccone of Yale University said, “With the help of geneticists, it may be feasible to create tortoises with 95% of the Pinta

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Alexander said in a Senate floor speech that he had a change of heart after colleagues made their case to temporarily revive Perkins loans

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Even Denver District Judge Kandace C

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To me that's a sign of a really good coach that you can have a team that record-wise isn't doing well but they still compete every single night.

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Every time I see him he seems to have an opportunity to score

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"The increase is the most substantial since 2008 and builds on the 40c rise in Budget 2015

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It's a wonderful community of like-minded people with an interest in Star Wars

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