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City looks the likely option but I do wonder if he might fancy another sabbatical like when he left Barcelona

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Some folks are even doing both.

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It is the "data analytics and the clinical utility parts that most of the companies haven't figured out yet."

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A warehouse fire swept through a slum in India's financial capital of Mumbai on Monday, triggering a series of gas cylinder explosions, fire brigade and police officials said

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They look to have the cheapest solution (headset console)

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Taxes are reportedly levied for businesses, real estate and commerce; there is even a special tax Christians must pay

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iPhone user would rise to $738 from $436 -- a 70 percent increase.

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After months of promises and weeks of preparation, the first planeload of Syrian refugees was headed to Canada on Thursday, aboard a military plane to be met at Toronto's airport by Trudeau

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But the star has developed a strong fan base that all-but-guarantees her career.

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"It's much more cost-effective to treat hypertension by exercise than to do a coronary by-pass", she says

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In another part of their study, the investigators looked at 93 full-gene sequences of camel coronaviruses, including 67 from MERS-CoV

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“In the past you could get away with two lines contributions but now it’s at least three and usually four.”

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That’s what you need, and that’s what I like about us: We have high expectations, and that makes you raise your own level, too, to match that.”

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Queen Maxima's exact dress is not available, but if you click right you'll find the same piece in alternative colours

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In fact, one-quarter of people said that their carers had to take time off work to provide care to them

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As a Yorkshire ex-miner I feel an immense sense of pride and responsibility for ensuring this heritage is not lost.

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It was murky and filled with dust and sand

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Already, the balance is changing: Services now contribute around 48% of China's GDP, according to the National Bureau of Statistics