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Such generous partronage meant that, for several centuries, Florence became a magnet for many of the most ambitious architects and artists of the time. The city’s art galleries tell the story in their own compact and accessible way.
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Teased last week by Google UI engineer Kirill Grouchnikov, the Google Play store is now officially refreshed, updated and coming to an Android near you. Google has focused on making the app more accessible, streamlined so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.
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Former President Bill Clinton was set to headline a Saturday afternoon concert along with pop star Katy Perry. He’s appeared at private fundraisers and joined his wife at an early New York rally but has yet to campaign actively.
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Peston has also been given a new Sunday morning politics slot; surely Bradby wanted that plum for himself? “Absolutely not on your nelly. Next week I’m working five 13-hour days, ending at 11pm. Having a Sunday show as well? Really I’d like to stay alive. My nose could not be less out of joint.”
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As white Eddie Murphy ventured out into New York City, he comically found that other fellow white people gave him stuff for free and held goofy parties with bad snacks when the last black man left the room. Soon, though, Eddie learned it wasn't all fun and games when he discovered how outrageously easy it was for a white man to get a loan at the bank.
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Dottye said Cosby called her the next day for phone sex, but she declined. When he invited her to a taping of "The Cosby Show," she accepted for professional reasons but silently vowed she would keep a safe distance from the star, she said.
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Once Sweden's busiest industrial city, a center for heavy industries and car production, Trollhattan has been struggling with unemployment for years. It now has Sweden's highest jobless rate — 14.1 percent in 2014 compared to 8 percent for the whole country. In addition, the city's rate of people with higher education is 20.9 percent, below the national average of 25.1 percent.
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"I never got to be proud of what I did in Sochi because I felt so horrible about what I didn't do," said Kenworthy. "I didn't want to come out as the silver medalist from Sochi. I wanted to come out as the best freeskier in the world.
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But the Food and Drink Federation's director general, Ian Wright, said: "We do not agree that the international evidence supports the introduction of a sugar tax and for this reason would oppose such a move."
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But she said she hoped the defamation lawsuit would be "one more step toward seeking justice for what happened to me and in holding Bill Cosby accountable for the false allegations that he's made against me."
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Another technology area where Williams hopes to progress is with regard to 3D printing of F1 car parts. It is not alone in examining this technology, with Red Bull among others also taking part in this evolution.
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Now it finds itself in the eye of the storm, as Syrian government troops press in around its southern edge with the help of intensive Russian air strikes, militants from the self-styled Islamic State (IS) gain new ground on the city's northern approaches and regime and rebel forces battle it out daily in the battered streets of the divided city itself.
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The World Health Organization says there's only one other well-documented Ebola survivor who has suffered severe complications after recovering from the virus, American infectious disease expert Dr Ian Crozier.
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The mudslinging in the media by some conservatives against progressives on the issue became so personal that a group of German-language participants issued a statement expressing "consternation and sadness" about "hurtful" statements about a cardinal who supports doctrinal change for the remarried.
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Still, U.S. Army Major Michael Filanowski, a Baghdad-based operations officer in the U.S.-led coalition, said Iraqi forces were still encountering bombs and sniper fire as they push through the center of the refinery, and taking casualties.
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"The person who fired those shots put innocent persons in extreme danger in this isolated incident," Aaron said. "We're hoping that TSU students that have this video, have this knowledge, understand that this person put them in danger tonight, and will report what they know."
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Some content providers that are considering joining videostreaming services are mulling caps that would trigger newnegotiations if viewership reaches certain levels, said twomedia executives who asked not to be named because of thesensitivity of the issue.
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Women who are trying to get pregnant often track a number of health signals in order to fully understand their monthly cycle and therefore catch their most fertile times - much as a marathon runner would track their fitness metrics.
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"Although my client was reluctant to do this, I felt that it was important in corroborating her statement as to the manner in which Michael McCarthy killed her child," Bassil said after the hearing.
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“Asfotase alfa is an important advance for many patients with HPP, their families, and the medical community because it can effectively replace in the skeleton the deficient enzyme called tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase,” said Michael Whyte, M.D., lead clinical trial investigator and Medical-Scientific Director of the Center for Metabolic Bone Disease and Molecular Research at Shriners Hospital for Children in St. Louis. “Without treatment, many newborns and infants with HPP fail to develop a normal rib cage and die from respiratory failure, and young children with HPP can suffer from rickets and muscle weakness. In clinical studies, 97 percent of severely affected newborns or infants were alive at age 1 year with asfotase alfa treatment compared to 42 percent of historical control patients. Treatment with asfotase alfa, now for up to seven years, often markedly improved overall health. In young children with HPP, now treated for five years with asfotase alfa, significant corrections of the skeletal complications were documented, and all had better mobility and function -- most achieving the normal range for healthy peers. I am more than gratified by this progress.”
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Alleged gunman Tyrone Howard’s decision Tuesday to open fire on a uniformed police officer (which means his lawyer won’t get to claim he didn’t know who he was shooting) is a direct result of this emboldening of criminals.
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Speaking late Friday at a press conference at an air force base in the Canary Islands, Pedro Morenes said a message received from Moroccan forces had been mistakenly understood to mean the crew had been rescued.
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During the Justice Department inquiry, investigators interviewed more than 100 witnesses and gathered more than 1 million pages of documents. The department has now concluded that IRS personnel were clumsy and inept, including in using politically charged labels to identify the groups, but had committed no crimes.
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Barrett said she was officiating a track meet at the University of Pennsylvania and was shocked when the "Fat Albert" star ambushed her from behind and put a "vice-like grip" on her waist.
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A visitor photographs autumn colours and foliage at Westonbirt Arboretum near Tetbury in southwest England, Britain, October 12, 2015. Planted in the heyday of Victorian plant hunting in the mid-nineteenth century, today Westonbirt Arboretum makes claim to have one of the finest tree collections in the world. REUTERS/Toby Melville
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Clinton took what was essentially a victory lap on Friday, cheered by excited Democrats a day after her strong performance during an 11-hour Republican-led probe of the 2012 Benghazi attacks. The former secretary of state's high marks for the congressional hearing capped a week in which three of her five Democratic rivals bowed out of the race — none more important than Vice President Joe Biden, who said he wouldn't be getting in.
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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in papers filedon Friday in Manhattan federal court, said the settlement wouldbe paid by a British Virgin Islands entity through which JuanCruz Bilbao Hormaeche of Chile conducted the alleged insidertrading.
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Davis closed out the win to lock up the Royals’ second straight AL pennant, but it wasn’t looking good for a while. He gave up a single to center leading off the inning to Russell Martin, who exited for pinch-runner Dalton Pompey.
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While both Niel and Vivendi could further raise theirstakes, analysts exclude the possibility that either would gobeyond 25 percent, as under local rules that would force them tobid for the whole company.
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Beckham, who has been nursing a hamstring injury for the last two weeks, is questionable for Sunday’s showdown with the Cowboys in the Meadowlands. But Coughlin believes that Beckham will be in action.
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Adyen processes around 30 billion euros ($34 billion) in payments for online and physical store merchants per year. Among its roughly 4,000 customers are big online sites including Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix.
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President Dilma Rousseff is struggling to rebalance publicaccounts as a deepening political and economic crisis drags downrevenues and hurts investors' confidence in Latin America'slargest economy.
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The heart of the design is a layer of flexible, rubbery polymer, laced with carbon nanotubes and shaped into tiny pyramids. When the sensor gets squashed, this semi-conductive layer offers a read-out of the pressure.
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“At this time of the year, you’re thinking about winning a championship, not your contract down the road. You can get hurt just playing catch, you never know. But from the time you’re a kid your goal is to win the World Series, and I think that’s how Matt feels now.
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The World Health Organization says there's only one other well-documented Ebola survivor who has suffered severe complications after recovering from the virus, American infectious disease expert Dr Ian Crozier.
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Eight Israelis have been killed and dozens wounded in attacks by Palestinians and an Israeli Arab since the start of this month. More than 40 Palestinians, including several of the attackers, have also been killed in the spiralling violence.
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After passing the heavily militarised border in a convoy of buses, the group of South Korean families were driven to the North Korean resort of Mount Kumgang for the first day of emotional encounters with sons, daughters and siblings divided by the conflict.
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“We don’t know how long he’s staying with the show and want to have this done,” Sardi’s managing partner Max Klimavicius tells Daily News theater critic Joe Dziemianowicz. “It’s being worked on.”
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TV footage showed two blackened vehicles, with the bus facing the wood-transporter’s trailer, the truck’s cab skewed to one side, and scorched vegetation around the site, which was sealed off by police.
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Overall prices at a relatively low level give room for reduced interest rates, the PBOC said in a Q&A statement after the announcement.The domestic and foreign situation remain complicated, and continued downward pressure on economic growth requires the fine tuning of monetary policy, it said.
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Didier Drogba has been attributed with single-handedly putting an end to violence that was raging in the country in 2005 when he fell to his knees on national television and asked fighters to lay down their arms.
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Cumberbatch initially followed his usual pitch (seen in the video above, which is from an earlier performance) of briefly explaining the scale of the refugee crisis and quoting from a poem titled, "Home," by Somali poet Warsan Shire: "no one leaves home unless/home is the mouth of a shark/you only run for the border/when you see the whole city running as well."
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"This September's RED ALERT is a wake-up call to every woman in Ireland to take care of her heart health. Remember, it's usually not the fancy stuff that makes you live longer, it's about the basics - weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, being active, quitting smoking and knowing your family history," she said.
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But critics argue the law will infringe on the freedom of the press and expression. Some complain that the new law, which came into effect less than two months before the 25 October general election, is aimed at silencing voices critical of the government and ruling party.
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But Africa does have experience in mounting special response operations, and has already begun taking responsibility for its own peacekeeping, even providing most of the troops in the UN missions on the continent - more than 8,000 troops from Ethiopia alone.
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His legacy includes creating and directing the influential "On The Prowl" porn series. The gonzo-themed films inspired the "On the Lookout" filming scene from "Boogie Nights."
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