Whatever the cause, Arviarmiut have had to get used to sharing their community with growing numbers of large, dangerous and unpredictable carnivores. Many towns in the northern Canadian territory of Nunavut are in the same position - Clyde River, Hall Beach and Resolute Bay have all reported problems in the past couple of years.
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On Friday, however, Gooden said he did that because of how highly he regards Harvey and was hoping his words would have an impact on him. “I like Harvey personally," Gooden said. “We went to a Super Bowl together. That’s why I tweeted that, and I felt after he saw that he would step up. We wound up talking a little about it. I think his agent put him a tough spot.
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A student stands in front of others as they attend a class inside a school in a rebel-controlled area of the eastern Ghouta of Damascus, Syria, October 19, 2015. The new school year in eastern Ghouta of Damascus was postponed several time this year due to airstrikes by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad on the area in the last weeks, activists said. REUTERS/Bassam Khabieh
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The committee picked Eero’s design of a catenary arch as the winner, but mistakenly alerted Eliel he had won. Eero and his team took home a combined $90,000 for a design that Smith called a "brilliant forecast into the future." A catenary is a chain that supports its own weight.
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"The strength, the outer beauty of muscles, the positive attitudes and energetic images of these women become the motivation," said Kim. "Women now have higher social status and bigger roles in society."
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One of the company’s major early backers was Bain Capital, an investment firm co-founded by Mitt Romney. Mr. Stemberg, in turn, became a significant backer of Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who was the Republican presidential nominee in 2012.
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Those of a certain age have never forgotten how 68 years ago Jackie Robinson, playing first base for our Brooklyn Dodgers, broke the color line and not just at Ebbets Field. The impact of integrated baseball was played out in streets and ball yards all across Brooklyn and, yes, even the Bronx. A generation later many of today's stalwart Mets fans were won over when a team of black and white stars took the 1969 World Series, and New Yorkers of all stripes came together to celebrate the Mets.
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"Clearly the People’s Bank of China is on a mission to ease policy and has been for a year,” saidGeorge Magnus, a senior independent economic adviser to UBS Group AG in London. "With the economy losing momentum, deflation embedded in the corporate sector and rebalancing making limited headway, the central bank is being directed to ease monetary policy further. And of course, this isn’t the end of the road yet."
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That's because if they're left with a power base, the incentive to do some kind of wholesale reimagining of what they stand for, who they represent, and how they do business will be dramatically lower than if they had lost almost everything. They can still tell themselves, "If we just get that one thing right in 2020, it'll all come together."
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There are myriad debates surrounding whether or not genetically engineered produce pose a health risk, but the European Union isn't taking any chances — rendering the genetically engineered papaya a forbidden fruit.
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"Her family is not alone. An opinion poll found that a quarter of a million people believe their relationship with a friend or family member has been permanently damaged as a result of the independence referendum.
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The closer gave up a single to Russell Martin and walked Kevin Pillar, ratcheting up the tension, before fanning pinch-hitter Dioner Navarro. Then, after stolen bases put runners on second and third, Davis struck out Ben Revere and got Josh Donaldson on a bouncer to third.
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The researchers --David Strayer and Joel Cooper of the University of Utah -- compared new hands-free technologies on 10 2015 vehicles and three types of smart phone systems. The study of the 2015 vehiclesinvolved257 drivers ages 21-70;the three phone systems were tested by65 additional drivers ages 21-68, the release said.
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“In a similar manner that drugs are processed to increase their addictive potential, this study provides insight that highly processed foods may be intentionally manufactured to be particularly rewarding through the addition of fat and refined carbohydrates, like white flour and sugar,” said Erica Schulte, graduate student of psychology at the University of Michigan and lead author of the study, which was published in February in PLOS One.
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This would allow advertisers to target their ads at specific user groups. Granted, these probably won't be as specific as Facebook or Google can offer, since those platforms collect vast amounts of data on a vast amount of users. (Each platform can boast well more than 1 billion users.After all, people have come to rely on those two services as near utilities in everyday life.)
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Restore legal aid for all cases involving domestic violence. Expand services to ensure a stable place to live for all women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Specialist and culturally appropriate support available to all victims. A national database to record anonymously all incidences of forced marriage and FGM. Pregnant asylum seekers to no longer be detained at Yarl’s Wood detention centre.
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One catch is that ESPN has a clause that lets it get out ofSling TV if the service signs up a certain number ofsubscribers, technology news website Re/code reported, citinganonymous sources. ESPN declined to comment on the specifics ofthe agreement.
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Several other lawsuits, including from two unions representing federal workers, have been filed in federal courts elsewhere in the nation accusing the OPM of violating privacy and other rights in relation to the data hack.
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David Daleiden, the abortion foe who leads the center, recently gave his footage to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after it was subpoenaed by that panel's chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah.
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Before we get into how this feature works, let's first talk about which speakers will actually be getting the update. The shortlist is pretty easy: MEGABOOM, BOOM 2, and ROLL. Noticeably absent from this list is the original BOOM, which is just slightly over a couple of years old at this point. I of course asked about this omission, and UE basically told me that the BOOM has very limited memory compared to its successors, so they're still unsure if they can get Block Party working. So, yeah, I wouldn't count on it. Sorry OG BOOM owners.
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After a new iOS 9.1 emoji character set was just released for iPhones and iPads, there is now a few good news for green-with-envy Android smartphone fans. Google has promised to improve the selection of emojis for its mobile platform.
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"When I first came into Formula 1 back in 1997 there were 3D printers," says Mr Hackland. "Now, though, it is not just carbon fibre that can be printed, but metals and glass. We have just seen the first whole titanium bicycles, and there have been printed cars.
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Opposition politicians have again released tear gas to bring proceedings to a halt in Kosovo’s parliament in the latest such protest against an EU-brokered deal with Serbia – from which Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in 2008.
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On promotion to vice-admiral, Abbott was appointed Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, based in Norfolk, Virginia, where in 1995 he was awarded the US Legion of Merit. Promoted to admiral in the same year, he was Commander-in-Chief Fleet (1995–97) and for an unusually long period, 1997-2001, he was Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, during wars in the Balkans and in Sierra Leone. While government departments bickered over the British role in Sierra Leone (which started as an evacuation of British civilians and ended in an operation to terminate the 10-year long civil war), Abbot gave clear, calm video-briefings to commanders in the field.
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Ivory Coast, by contrast, "has exported significantly higher volumes of wood products to the EU... yet it did not receive any financial assistance", the auditors said. The EU imports on average some 166m of timber annually from Ivory Coast.
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In preparation for the next sign-up period for private insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the government has fine-tuned the enrollment Web site so it will be speedier and will more clearly show all the expenses that someone considering a given health plan would have to pay.
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The debate over digital rights that determine how and when content is consumed is adding a new layer of complexity to negotiations between media companies and distributors, leading to drawn-out wrangling and programming blackouts in some cases.
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According to Dr. Michael McKee, an orthopedic surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital, “For severe AC joint dislocations, surgery is the common practice, but there’s not much evidence to suggest this is actually the best treatment.”
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My memory from that point is a swirling mass of scenes: of men running into the sea; being hugged tightly by a woman who told me that God knew what was best for me. I remember a jet ski bringing my husband to the shore and me running into the water to meet it and seeing JS, blue and unconscious. There was a fleeting moment’s relief when, pummelled and punched, JS vomited water and briefly regained his colour, only for his face to turn the terrifying blue of cyanosis.
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"Some political leaders are perpetually dissatisfied and obstruct development, which is crucial to remove poverty. Farmers have most given us land because they know the benefit of owning land in a developed city," said Naidu.
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The phenomenon of patients feeling better simply because they believe a treatment will help them has come to be known as the placebo effect (find out why at the bottom of the page). It comes into play most often when people are experiencing pain, fatigue, depression and nausea. Scans of patients taking a placebo show their brains switching on parts that can help control stress and pain.
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International superstars Agatha Christie and Yehudi Menuhin were regular visitors. King Edward VII spent so much of his time in the Kent town that locals took to peering in the windows of the Grand Hotel, in order to spot him having illicit tea with his Folkestone mistress Alice Keppel (the great-grandmother of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall).
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Julia Pierson, the director who immediately preceded Clancy, told investigators that it was Clancy himself who told the former directors at the lunch that Chaffetz had applied years earlier to work at the agency but was turned down. She said Clancy did not tell them the source of the information or how he was handling it internally. Pierson resigned earlier this year after embarrassing security lapses in the agency's efforts to protect the president were revealed.
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And finally this week came the zinger: An Italian news report that Francis had a brain tumor. The Vatican vehemently denied the report and suggested it was aimed at manipulating the synod by suggesting Francis' health — and therefore his authority — was in question.
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The competition watchdog has not named any of the agenciesunder investigation. The issue of how much models cost hasbecome more pressing in recent years as retailers and brandsneed multiple shots of their clothing to be used online.
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"This place means something special in the history of New York City because it was built for working people, it was built for the emerging middle class," de Blasio said of the East Side complex, which stretches from E. 14th to E. 20th St. along First Ave.
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Both have pleaded not guilty to charges including conspiracyand wire fraud over alleged roles to help manipulate U.S. dollarand yen Libor rates to benefit the Netherlands-based bank'strading positions.
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While superstar contemporaries like Taylor Swift have made a concerted decision to move away from their country roots to appeal to a wider top 40 radio audience, Underwood is aiming for a "a bit more of a traditional sound".
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The traders are the first to face trial in the United Statesfollowing a global investigation into whether various bankssubmitted artificial rate estimates to bolster profits ontrading derivatives tied to Libor.
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Fog began to set in about 40 minutes before the helicopters took off at 8:16 p.m., according to testimony. The same service member told investigators that Griffin dismissed concerns from members on boats where the training was to take place.
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Indications are that the baby is female.Experienced healthcare staff have given an opinion about the possible age of the baby, which suggests that she is capable of surviving, but would require expert and immediate medical support.The mother may also need medical and emotional support.
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All post cardiac surgery patients, married or not, are at risk for several complications, with some of them being life threatening. To ensure survival, strict observation and quality care from the medical staff and compliance of patients in care instructions and medications are all essential.
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That was a very big deal for us. It was totally and completely live. No delay or anything. If we'd had time to think about it, we would have got really nervous, but in fact we just ploughed in and thought "aha, we're ready for this". Precocious boys.
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The system, the first to be offered as part of a unified payments processing service, would replace fraud-detectionservices offered by third-party risk management specialists thatrely on data merchants glean mainly from their own customers.
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Comparing the animals, Dr Dunn and his team found that different species of howler monkeys seemed to face a trade-off between "investing in either a huge vocal tract - for making lower frequency, more impressive calls - or large testes - for producing lots of sperm".
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That question gets to the heart of the matter, as far as the Mets are concerned. Their decision on Murphy was always going to be more about the best possible utilization of finances than a commentary on his ability.
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Even one legendary MIT professor had to recant his position that the technology was “beyond the capability of computer science.” (He recently confessed to The Wall Street Journal that he’s now a believer and amazed “how quickly this technology caught on.”)
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"You're seeing weakness in momentum names in general.Obviously the healthcare names are under pressure again,especially pharma companies," said Michael O'Rourke, chiefmarket strategist at JonesTrading in Greenwich, Connecticut.
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In general the public is supportive of President Xi, thanks to his campaign against corruption and his carefully-crafted "man of the people" image. They too want to see their leader, and his glamorous celebrity wife, shown respect on the world stage.
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Diana later remarried, having twin sons 18 years after the birth of her youngest daughter. Now divorced for a second time, she lives happily in Hayward’s Heath with her partner Don, after they were introduced by Anne, last year.
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