But even though the damage was less than had been feared, there remains concern that the heavy rain could lead to mudslides which could engulf remote villages. As a precaution residents were evacuated.

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"The water often has big waves and low visibility, particularly during poor weather," Wang Xiaopeng, an expert in maritime and border studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.

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The Creative Foundation has launched a triennial art show, a new music and performance venue, a book fair, a public art collection featuring works by Tracey Emin, Mark Wallinger and Richard Wentworth, and has created 300 jobs. More importantly, it has given the town a reputation as an arts hub.

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All three men had denied insulting religion during their trial. Tun Thurein told the court that Blackwood alone was responsible for the posting. Blackwood had said sorry online and repeated his apology in court.

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Dr Brown highlighted the particular dangers that smoking can have on the heart health of women, because women metabolise nicotine faster than men, increasing their risk more. Some 80% of women under the age of 40 who have suffered heart attacks are smokers.

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There are several different types of skin cancer. Squamous cell and basal cell skin cancers are sometimes called nonmelanoma skin cancers. Nonmelanoma skin cancer usually responds to treatment and rarely spreads to other parts of the body. Melanoma is more aggressive than most other types of skin cancer. If it isn’t diagnosed early, it is likely to invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body. The number of cases of melanoma is increasing each year. Only 2 percent of all skin cancers are melanoma, but it causes most deaths from skin cancer.

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Once completed, both places will join a line-up of destinations that were born purely as sunny havens for those seeking a week’s relaxation – rather than rising slowly from the soil as organic communities (in the way that, say, London, New York and Paris emerged), or as the point where two roads cross (a crossroads, if you will).

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Macfadyen was playing Uhtred, a Saxon nobleman, and playing him very well right up until the moment he got a sword in the back of his neck. The sword then emerged out the front of his neck, like a missed parcel note through your front door. This is another cultural advance of mildly worrying significance that we can also attribute to Game of Thrones – the bravura kill.

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Maysville Mayor David Cartmell's office confirmed the fatalities by about 8:30 Tuesday morning. Officials said the deaths included 68-year-old Larry Brickels,35-year-old Lori Doppelheuer and herthree children: 10-year-old Christopher Kearney, 3-year-old Eagan Hargis and 20-month-old Kieran Hargis.


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Thankfully, it is not necessary to be a qualified teacher to communicate the love of reading. Fathers telling stories, mothers reciting poems and other adults talking to children about the books they love, can have the desired outcome. In such a cultural climate, boys will read.

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Barnes was in southern California with the Grizzlies, who were holding training camp in Santa Barbara. Barnes claims he drove from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles earlier in the day with Govan and their twin sons. That contradicts an early report that Barnes, alone, drove 95 miles to confront Fisher.

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The agreement means that more than 19 restaurants and bars will match you with an Uber car, in case you had one beer too many. The local administration of the 45,000 people community is confident that this will curb the numbers of inebriated drivers. The Uber ride program is free and is funded from private donations.

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Victor Hobbs, an aviation safety specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration, claims the U.S. hiring agency violated his constitutional right to privacy and was negligent by failing to properly secure his personal information.

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In its announcement on Friday, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office recognized the uneasy national climate. "There have been many lessons learned from the tragic events that have occurred across the United States and there is nothing more important, now, than a comprehensive investigation process so we can ensure justice is served," it said.

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The staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the TVA unit is ready to load nuclear fuel and begin power generation by the end of the year. The startup of a second reactor at Watts Bar, which comes 19 years after America's last new nuclear unit began power generation also at Watts Bar, cost TVA more than $6 billion over four decades of starts and stops during its construction.

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"There is nothing that can evoke such a sense of nostalgia as the feel, the touch and even the smell of an aged ticket with its creases, tears, stains and fading," says music memorabilia connoisseur, Peter Ellis, who has been collecting paper tickets for most of his adult life.

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TalkTalk is facing accusations of a "cover up" over one of the largest cyber hacks in British history, after claims emerged from customers who say they were targeted by scams almost a week before the company went public about the attack.

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She's doing a lot. Brands are flying her in for appearances at events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. She's walked the red carpet at the MTV movie awards, appeared on Nicole Richie's VH1 show 'Candidly Nicole,' and will be featured in Paper Magazine's 'Break the Internet' issue, made famous by Kim Kardashian. Winkle can make up to $5,000 for a paid post on Instagram.

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It's all to do with expertise. Now expertise within a business is taken to be a 'good thing', yet it can also become a problem if, say, one group of workers is not sharing key knowledge and skills with other teams.

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