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"Plaintiffs have failed to allege that Apple's logic boardswere unfit for their ordinary purposes or lacked a minimal levelof quality," Alsup wrote

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China's historic claim to most of the South China Sea, expressed on maps as a nine-dash line, overlaps the exclusive economic zones of Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei

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I will never forget the young Brazilian woman I met in 2010 during my very first nightshift in emergency medicine

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Russia and India are the main source of advanced weapons, training and intelligence cooperation

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Nintendo's Wii U continues to trail far behind.

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Only sheer boredom could beat the Cavs in that one, or so it would seem.

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If someone trusts something then it's more likely to work for them," says GP Sarah Jarvis

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The Los Angeles County Department of Public health determined shortly after that the leak is mostly methane and does not pose a risk to public health

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The company has recently announced that a new batch of Xbox 360 games are now available for Xbox One owners to play with and enjoy.

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The addition of 211,000 jobs likely paves the way for a rate hike later this month.

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Early on I was minimizing mistakes

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Wigan Today provides news, events and sport features from the Wigan area

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If Photo Magic is turned on, it is supposed to promptly figure out if any of the people in a picture belong to the smartphone owner’s circle of Facebook friends

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Colaprete suggested that solar ultraviolet light was enough to break some of the bonds between exosphere particles and the lunar surface

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At the British box office, the film to beat is James Bond movie Skyfall, which earned 103m in 2012, knocking Avatar off the top spot

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Vietnamese generals make clear to foreign visitors they know their limitations

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Injured center Derek Stepan (broken ribs) and defenseman Kevin Klein (strained oblique muscles) continued skating Thursday morning in Minnesota

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Along with the Pinta Island tortoises, Floreana and Santa Fe Island tortoises disappeared… or so scientists thought.

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Customers who ignored warnings could have their home Internet service temporarily slowed or downgraded.

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To survive Christmas with home – and family – intact, follow my advice:

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Usually artificial valves or the valves of a pig are used in transplants.

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