However, the new Star Wars film is just as big, if not bigger.

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The move had proven to be a big jolt for Qualcomm, which has had a rough year so far

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So there wasn’t a moment when I thought, ”Oh, I can cruise.’”

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In a new scientific statement, the American Heart Association insisted that these mental health conditions should be seen as independent risk factors for heart disease among adolescents

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The blogger was paid S$3,356 a month before he was fired in June last year as a patient coordinator at a public hospital

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Google Wallet, by most accounts, hasn't been a rip-roaring success after four years.

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I love watching their full backs – they do more attacking work than any players we’ve got here.

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However, the EU has become too big and bureaucratic to exercise its powers in an effective or even honest manner

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This week the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department announced the news on its Facebook Page, telling its 3,000 fans that it would be suspending the Santa neighborhood rides, effective immediately

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A sample reviewed by Reuters were mostly sent or received by Granahan

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That each and every one of the 1,356 complaints filed over a three-year period were closed and deemed to be without merit is ridiculous.

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"But British pits just cannot compete with cheaper imports from Russia and Colombia and have been relentlessly killed off."

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"Different gases will interact with the soil in different ways," Colaprete said

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Marquez's role would be to stay in the hills above, shooting drivers from there and firing on police as they arrived.

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As UN Ambassador Samantha Power told a congressional hearing last week, “discussions are a form of UN action.”

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The UK sales figures, it is worth noting, are no great shakes either

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You’ll find you’ve been sleeping on a flammable headboard, soiled pillows and a mattress that looks like a challenging modern art work.

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Yet, instead of getting the help they needed, they were booted.

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The Americans play at Chicago four days later and at Philadelphia on June 11.

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Most people couldn't induce guffaws by posing under a still of Olivia Newton-John in "Xanadu" while blowing their hair back with an old-school dryer and wearing a frozen, slack-jawed expression

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This 38-room Italo-Arab urban retreat sprawls over a private polo estate

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So praise the Lord and thank you God but that is why we are late, all right For no selfish diva bitch reason."

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Spain is about to enter a new political era

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Not every host is as generous with the booze as you might like (and your own offerings might disappear into his/her wine rack without trace)

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The exchanges were not photographed because some of the patients are too ill to be able to give their consent.

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