Lately, Coughlin, the Elfego Baca of NFL coaches, has not felt the kind of media heat he’s been accustomed to

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They will face a higher rate of stamp duty on house purchases

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They said that factors in the world around us, from diet, to sunlight, cigarettes and disease, play a far bigger role in fuelling cancer than dodgy DNA.

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While these cameras won't completely eliminate racial profiling, it will prove or disprove facts in cases where people claimed a very specific thing was said or done

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When Israeli soldiers boarded the flotilla to turn it back, violence ensued, and 10 Turks lost their lives.

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are not being implemented by all and everywhere," Russian U.N

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That’s because the gut is a nutrient-rich environment with plenty of molecules for the microbes to feast upon

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"And I will always oppose amnesty, citizenship or legalization and I encourage Sen

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Alain Vigneault said Stepan has “a better chance” to play Friday night in Winnipeg, while the coach called Klein “doubtful” for the game.

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The powers that be are the ones that really need to decide how to deal with that

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"Australia is very disappointed that Japan has resumed whaling in the Southern Ocean this year," he told reporters in Tokyo

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But on this program, in a different role, Ricco speaks firmly

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They have no idea what tomorrow, let alone next season, will bring

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Once the investigation is complete, I think evidence will show that Steven’s celebrity status was preyed on by the adults who were arrested in this matter

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“If they want a democratic country, they must do it in a democratic way — they can’t force us to accept it

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The Cardinals don't have many talented pass rushers

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But IS has been vocally opposed, with statements and propaganda videos questioning the legitimacy of the Taliban and accusing them of promoting the interests of Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency.

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This is the type of talented team we’re going to have to beat going forward and our playoffs start this week.

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In this edition we reveal the Power List — the 50 names that matter in the South West

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A group of aspiring teenage sportswriters began working the agents and teams to break stories on Twitter, and some actually pried news from them

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"The IRS is actually increasing enforcement action on charitable donations," he says, based on his experience as a tax professional.

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Special masters are appointed in all modern Supreme Court original jurisdiction cases to perform work similar to what would be done at a district court level in an ordinary lawsuit

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At the end of Star Wars: A New Hope, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are presented with the Medal of Bravery after the rebel victory over the Empire

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