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The small group of women in these important roles tended to be focused at the largest companies, where pay is higher

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“I am stunned that our efforts to protect people’s data would result in such an extreme decision by a single judge to punish every person in Brazil who uses WhatsApp.”

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"That was a great screen by Merschy," Doughty said

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Drilling and fracking the Sagebrush Sea for natural gas and oil will only set progress back

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It is looking increasingly likely that “Her Majesty’s Government” does exactly what it says on the tin.

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People look on as a car is stuck after falling into a stairs of an underpass, in Fuzhou, Fujian province, China, December 9, 2015

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Our first point of contention was cost

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His father agreed to pay half-a-million dollars for his son’s pricey rehab digs.

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The rapport between the two men was, at first, awkward

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News of the VA's decision sent shares for ReWalk Robotics up over 100 percent Thursday

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He said 16 people died, seven from his family, and he left Syria "with nothing."

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Best maintain those defunct pits – they may be needed again some day.

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This is edging closer to the 1.5C level that governments agreed last week they would do their best to keep under in the long term.

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Fisher's club is 12-14 and could get back to .500 this weekend with wins against Philadelphia and the Bulls on Saturday at the Garden

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Police allege that he promised her fame and even an appearance spot on a nonexistent MTV special in exchange for sex acts.

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However, advisory's contribution to profits decreased by 5 per cent from 324m to 308m.

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Twitter lit up with reaction to the arrest of Shkreli, whois even more reviled for hiking drug prices as he is for hidingthe album

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"You'd want to have the head of the femur, the hip joint itself, and that's not here

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There are other signs of progress